Part V: Personal and Cultural Transformation

Whether we choose to be aware of it or not, we have all been born into a culturally mediated narrative that shapes our understanding of our life’s meaning and purpose. Ideally, this story would call forth our best or highest selves; but today our dominant narrative often does just the opposite by engendering fear, greed and alienation. This book’s final stepping stones demonstrate how those choosing to awaken can act as pioneers in giving birth to a new cultural story—one that showcases what it means to be in open-hearted relationship with Self, Other and World—i.e., what it means to be fully human.

A New Story of Self

A New Story of the Human Other

A New Story of Earth

A New Story of the Universe

Healing: Breakdown Revisited

It All Comes Down to Choice

"Tides II" - Oil on Canvas - Jean Forsberg