The Awakening Continues

Aimed at those open to unlearning and seeing with new eyes, Awaken 101 combines the experience of a seasoned university professor and a discerning millennial to offer a compelling vision of what it could mean to be fully and ecstatically human in midst of these tumultuous times.

Through challenging provocations, uplifting narratives, and keen insights, this book emboldens readers to experience their lives, not as spectators, but as reflective, courageous and purposeful participants.

What the Readers Are Saying...

"Awaken 101 offers readers a chance to explore what it means to pursue transformational education experiences. The authors’ deep sense of commitment to student well-being and their quest for universities to be places that embrace an ethic of care are evident with every turn of the page… A must-read for college students."

—Jacqueline Edmondson, Chancellor, Penn State, Allegheny

"My deep gratitude to Christopher Uhl and MelissaDiJulio for Awaken 101. In the academic context, it is truly a work of vision and courageous vulnerability. As readers, my invitation to you is to hold all of your current beliefs about your life goals, societal norms, and the nature-of-things loosely as you journey through the pages of this book. Openly, whole heartedly, live into the exercises, into the questions. Lean into what is uncomfortable. Step beyond previously perceived boundaries. In other words, my invitation to you is to fully show up and give this everything you’ve got. May it embark you on dreams beyond your wildest plans."

—Jamie K. Reaser, author of Ridgelines: A View of Nature and Human Nature

"For members of the anxious generation who were born after 9/11, who grew up during the Great Recession, and who came of age in a time of climate emergency, here is a book unlike others. Not a study guide for the college entrance exams or a standard text for a major chosen with an eye on paying off educational debt, this book draws wisdom from a wide range of sources to invite young adults to awake, reflect, connect, and choose to live in more mindful, engaged, and satisfying ways. Themselves from different generations and genders, DiJulio and Uhl offer with clarity and concision a compelling call to Awaken!
—Julia Spicher Kasdorf, Professor of English and Author at Penn State

"Who am I? Why am I here? How can I be of service to life? These are the kinds of big questions that readers are invited to explore in Awaken 101. As such, this book would be a great choice for college first-year seminar courses aimed at guiding emerging adults in the quest for self-discovery, as well as for teachers seeking ways to support young people in their development as engaged learners and citizens.”

—JeffAdams, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education at Penn State

"This is one of theonly books that I have had for a college class that I am truly enjoying. Eachtime I am assigned a chapter, I’m excited to discover what I will learn. It’s abook that all college students should read.

—Laryn Jackson, Sophomore, Journalism, Penn State University

"This book has engaged my soul like never before…
Truly thought provoking… Truly life-changing."

—Maggie Ward, Sophomore,Public Relations, Penn State University

"Each time I read from Awaken 101, I feel myself entering into a dialogue with myself about who I truly am and who I seek to become."

—Hannah Singletary, Junior, English, PSU

"This book has allowed me to ask questions that have been pivotal for my development, while also gently challenging me to examine my beliefs and how they limit me."

—Natalie Scohch, Sophomore, English and Communications, PSU

"Awaken 101 is inviting me into a deep relationship with myself. The blending of styles—narratives, inquiries, exercises and poems—is helping me to see things in exciting, often unconventional, ways."

—Emma Orloski, Sophomore, Education, PSU

"The teachings in this book have given me permission to experience what it means to be my authentic self. Not only have I begun to think in new ways, but I have also become more fearless and confident, a better listener and a human being."

—Ashley Novotny, Senior, Community, Environment and Development, PSU

"This book has offered me guidance in my most impressionable years, opening my eyes to not only my own truth and potential, but to my ability to bring out the best in the world around me. Inspired by Awaken 101, I now choose to perceive every fabric of my existence with new eyes, and I can only hope that it has the same incredible impact on other readers."

—Sam Spirgel, Senior, Communications, PSU

"This book makes me want to hug trees, run in fields, and howl at the moon. Life no longer seems abstract; instead it has become immeasurably special, messy and big."

‍—Maggie Welch, Junior, Art and Art History, PSU

"As a therapist working in the field of personal growth and development, I can attest that Awaken 101provides invaluable insight into the process of change, and how I can live a life full of truth, passion, and purpose. I feel enlivened by this book, and more supported in my pursuit of such change."

—Jamie Quail, Registered Psychotherapist

"WhenI first encountered Uhl's teachings a decade ago as a college student, my world cracked open. Focused on myself with a limited understanding of my place in the world, Uhl's provocations awakened my spirit. My transformation was uncomfortable and continues to be… and, yet, I now choose awakening as a way of life and consider myself lucky to have this book as a guide."

—Steven J. Gervais, Director of Finance/Operations, The Nature Conservancy

"A profound reminder to never settle for anything less than what makes us feel alive. Awaken 101 helped me let go of the scripts I so rigidly clung to while living someone else’s life. Because of this book, I now realize my authentic self has been there all along, waiting to be seen and loved."

—Abigail Nelson, Admissions Counselor, Western Carolina University

"Awaken 101 is a captivating guide that challenges me to remain present and courageous as I reach goals in both personal and professional development.
Each page offers opportunities to continue my inner work in applicable and intention-focused ways."

—Beaonca Ward, Life Coach

"Being a year out of college and recently starting a small company has thrown me out of my element in the best of ways. Awaken 101 has given me the confidence to harness this new beginning along with the peace of knowing that I always have the power to awaken."

—Ashley Jenkins, Social Media Manager, Jenkins Socials

"Taking in this book's teachings has encouraged me to place authenticity above fear, and to switch from pursuing law to enjoying an education degree and my role as an elementary school teacher. I am now able to work with and through my heart. I can guide, learn, laugh, listen, empathize… I can feel. I can play! I am stepping more fully into my role as a nurturer. I am living a life of fulfilling service. I am Awakening."

—Indigo Murray, M.S. Ed., Public SchoolTeacher, NYC

"As far back as I can remember I searched for an answer to the question, “Who am I and what have I come here to do with my life?” As I sat in Chris’s class in 2005, I realized that it wasn’t answers I needed but questions. Chris’s questions were an invitation to search inside, and with every question I answered a part of me awakened. Now expertly woven together in Awaken 101 readers are guided to discover their own answers, and to give the greatest gift we have to give the world, being who you really are." —Jodi Le Masurier, Cofounder of Be More U and The Purpose Project

"Big Bang" - Oil on Canvas - Jean Forsberg

We are actively building out stepping stones for each of the five parts of the Awaken 101 journey. Designed to expand upon the ideas presented in each chapter of the book, each stepping stone include activities, stories and prompts for deeper engagement. Part I is now available. Check back for more updates in the coming weeks.

Part I: Waking Up

Waking up is our main job, our shared calling in life. But how will we awaken if we don’t know that we’re asleep? And what would it even mean to wake up? The six stepping stones in Part I provide the groundwork for beginning to live these questions.

"White Dove" - Oil on Canvas - Jean Forsberg

Part II: Breakdown: Stepping into the Unknown

Coming Soon...


Rites of Passage as Catalysts for Awakening

Success from the Inside Out

The Seed in Each of Us

Hearing the Call

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

"Deep Green World" - Oil on Canvas - Jean Forsberg

Part III: A Curriculum for Waking Up

Coming Soon...

Transcending Dualism

Recovering Imagination and Play

Reclaiming Wildness

Discovering Full-Body Intelligence  

Living Life Now

Befriending our Shadow

"Climbing the Mountain" - Oil on Canvas - Jean Forsberg

Part IV: Awakening in Action

Coming Soon...

Each Day as a Call to Presence

Living within the Story of Enoughness

Food: From Passive Consumer to Awakened Participant

Transportation: An Exercise in Discernment

Community: What Can We Do for Each Other?

Happiness from the Inside Out

"Quickening" - Oil on Canvas - Jean Forsberg

Part V: Personal and Cultural Transformation

Coming Soon...

A New Story of Self

A New Story of the Human Other

A New Story of Earth

A New Story of the Universe

Healing: Breakdown Revisited

It All Comes Down to Choice

"Tides II" - Oil on Canvas - Jean Forsberg